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We recognise that funerals are time perhaps more than any other when you want to make it personal and reflect connection with family and heritage. We buy in your family tartan for you and make your guest book to your required size and number of pages. 



Is bound using the Japanese Stab binding technique. Due to the single-page binding, we can offer this book as a fully bespoke item regarding size and number of pages. If you don't see the size you want, do get in touch to discuss your bespoke book. Pages are blank and come with a handy lose-leaf line guide.



  • Search your family tartan on the ScotlandShop site. Or contact us with your request.
  • Type your choice in the Tartan box
  • Chooose your leather colour. If you're unsure, you can change your mind. We're happy to send photos of your tartan alongside the different leather colours when it arrives.
  • Choose your size.
  • Choose the number of pages. Pages are quality blank ivory 120gsm.


We'll do the rest. For more information on ordering bespoke tartan books, see our Bespoke Tartan page. Your guest book will be sent to you in a smart presentation box.


It takes 1-2 weeks for your tartan material to arrive at our studio and another 1-2 weeks to bind, press and send out your guest book. If you need it sooner, do get in touch and we'll do all we can to prioritise your order. If it's not possible to get your tartan sooner, we do keep a small number of tartans in stock. Take a look at the Swatches page or ask us for our in-stock tartans.

Bespoke Ribbon-Bound Tartan Funeral Guest Book

Leather Colour
Number of Pages
  • Japanese Stab binding is a technique for sewing single pages together into a book. It's a versatile binding method, allowing more pages to be added or pages to removed and replaced. This means you can reuse the cover by placing fresh pages in. The stab binding takes up to 2cm of the page width at the spine and the book doesn't open completely flat.